Can your Rental Business afford not to use technology?

11/10/2022 11:54:30 AM

80% of landlords and property owners depend on traditional ways to manage their rental properties. You must:

•      Manually Collect rent and utilities

•      Deal with tenants complains and concerns

•      Market your property

•      Keep proper records

•      Invoice manually

•      Manually Receipt

There are currently 2 unreliable options for any landlords and property owners in the market;

1.   Self-Manage (DIY Land lording) &

2.   Property Management Companies

Both options will give the landlords and property owners:

•      Headaches as it is Expensive to set up

•      Disorganized records

•      Tiresome payment processes

•      No transparency

•      Manually receipting

•      Lack of property analytics

•      Exposure to Fraud

Without proper technological systems, this process can be far from simple. And This is where SILQU comes in: A Kenyan based Tech company and the most advanced USSD/Web/App based PropTech platform that help landlords, property managers and agents streamline rental collection, tenant management, facility management, with an inbuilt accounting platform with superior efficiency and ease anywhere, anytime using their smartphone only.

With SILQU, you get:

•      Automated and secured Rent and utilities collection payments gateway

•      Structured Reports and Financial statements of each tenant.

•      Real time withdrawals, alerts and disbursement of funds to any bank account

•      Tenants, Landlords and Facility management portal

•      Automated marketing for your property.

Landlords and Property owners can access our platform using 3 channels:

•      USSD - *483*255#

•      MOBILE APP – Download our app here

•      WEB –


1.     With USSD Landlords/Property managers have the following functionalities

•      Check their Balances

•      Withdrawal funds to their accounts

•      Request for statements

•      Customer support

2. With the Mobile App and Web, Property owners and Landlords can:

·        View their properties

·        View tenants and their balances

·        View tenants’ profile

·        View units and occupancy

·        View property analytics

·        View monthly reports

·        View invoices & financial statements

·        Make withdrawals

·        Access to Overdraft facility 

·        View accrued debt

·        Tenant concerns

·        Manage tenants and units

·        Invoice tenants/guests

·        Send SMS and email alerts to tenants/guests

·        View Enquiries and bookings

·        Communicate with tenants

·        Customer support

To sign up and request for a DEMO is absolutely FREE of charge. Get in touch today via +254717888828/ +254755000040, email:

-         Make the Smart choice. Manage The smart way -


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