Tech Entrepreneurs Seek To Transform Real Estate Sector

10/24/2022 1:33:54 PM

Tech entrepreneurs seeks to transform real estate sector

Silqu App sets to redefine property management in Africa by using the most advanced technology hence reduce paperwork, and increase efficiency.

New generations of real estate entrepreneurs in Africa are transforming the property industry through technical innovation that could change the way homes, commercial properties and land are bought, sold, rented and managed. 

Just like Uber disrupted the transport sector, these entrepreneurs are challenging real estate players to innovate or be faced out of the industry.

In Kenya two tech entrepreneurs, Ronald Mutuku and Bramwell Kipkoskei are out to transform the business of real estate are transacted.

Ronald a software engineer by profession with over 15 years’ experience working in different parts of the African continent.

While Bramwell a real estate professional with over 10 years in the sector and a tech savvy are impacting the sector through a new mobile app.

“It has always been my dream to set up my own company and been a software engineer I didn’t have the clue of building an app that will transform the real estate sector. This idea was born when we were having lunch, Bramwell did mention to me how players within this sector were having rough times managing their various properties, “recalls Ronald.

Last year during the lockdown, Silqu App was born. “We really wanted a simple app that will make it easy for players to manage their properties at their comfort. Because we realized there is a huge gap between real estate sector, we are here to bridge the gap between real estate needs and Tech comments Bramwell.

He opines that globally there is a trend where new tech firms are cashing in on the demise of bricks-and-mortar businesses, taking advantage of clients whose property searches start online.

“Companies and entrepreneurs that are using tech to refine, improve or revive the services we rely on in the property industry. The new wave of entrepreneurs believe PropTech has the potential to experience the same disruption FinTech created at its inception. The leap that technology have made, has also eased the management of real estate assets.”

Ronald believes that real estate is a very data-driven industry, technology can help streamline decision investors make based on the available data.

“Our App can also be accessed through USSD short codes, Web application and boat technology. Currently we have over 100 downloads from the Google Play store, we have also signed 200 clients who are using our platform to manage their various assets, “says Ronald.

Kenyan who wants to purchase land, rent property or even sell their own assets get the opportunity to meet the buyers.

“We have structured the app in such a way that it’s easy to use for both buyers and sellers to maneuver through the listed properties hence it’s easy for players to transact with lots of ease.” Bramwell confirms.

For landlords the system has been made easy to allow them monitor their different properties in real time.

Ronald adds that “We have made it easy for landlords to fully manage their property without including the agents who sometimes are very unpredictable when it comes property management services. The system generates reports of each of the tenants or occupants of the building. We have also made it easier for the landlord to know the kind of tenants who are occupying their premises since we have a background search system within our app hence this helps our clients big time.

This is the first online property App platform to enter the Kenyan market.

“We are here to offer services like property management, rental collection, tenant screening and debt collections for real estate players, “comments Bramwell. Our system is fully encrypted hence hackers cannot have access to clients and customers’ data. I believe that data protection is vital in any online business,” emphasizes Ronald.




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